Please enjoy our local way of life : "douceur de vivre angevine", in the heart of the Loire Valley, UNESCO World Heritage!

Let yourself be charmed by the vineyards of Saumur-Champigny which extends its roots all around the enchanting city of Saumur and 8 villages of Anjou (Chacé, Dampierre, Montsoreau, Parnay, Saint-Cyr-en-Bourg, Souzay-Champigny , Turquant and Varrains).

Meet our winemakers who strive everyday to wriggle your taste buds with their dear appellation of Loire red wine.

They wish you a very nice visit and are waiting for you in their domain to make you fully experience the Saumur-Champigny, open-minded wines. Are you readdy ? Let's go !

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Vineyard and winemakers

Created in 1957, the «Syndicat des producteurs de Saumur-Champigny» brings together a hundred winegrowers and winemakers with character. Organic or traditional producers, in biodynamics, cooperators or winemakers in their own cellars, their only collective credo: to make you love Saumur-Champigny.
As you might have guessed, terroir and quality are, of course, crucial here, but what makes this appellation a true jewel of the Loire Valley, is its winemakers. Men and women, young and old alike, come together to prove it to you at trade shows and events of all kinds. Meet them and you’ll see.
They take every opportunity to meet people through various types of hospitality: bed and breakfast, tasting in the cellar, guided tour of the vineyard, hiking on foot or on a horse-drawn carriage, on a Volkswagen minibus and even on river barges.

Vineyard and winemakers

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